I am a mom, but that doesn’t mean posts about cleaning. I am the only shopaholic out of the three of us, and I have a fetish for shoes, I never wear them but I got to own them. 

I haven’t figured out yet what you can expect from me, so stay tuned and follow.

#dkstylepilot #ABitAbout #ALot #maybenothing Maybe I should learn how to take a #selfie 

Point zero

If you are not needed..

Own Enemy

Start being the change you want to see in the world

My favorite place in the world

What you can’t do today

Put down your weapons

I want to let you in

Own Enemy

If you have dreamt about it

Stop being the person everyone thinks you are

Everything, I do it for you

To sleep or not to sleep?

Your dreams

Making dinner together or by yourself?