Today I said no

  Learn to say no  I am trying to learn how to listen to myself which can be a challenge. I still struggle with this, but I am so much […]

Put down your weapons

In the last couple of days, there have been a lot going on around the world. Here we are especially thinking of the attack in Stockholm. Our hearts go out […]

Water please

  Is it possible to celebrate if you are not going to have a drink with alcohol in it? I have chosen not to drink and I often get asked […]

I want to let you in

  So they say being in love is the greatest feeling on earth, being in the seventh heaven and having these honeymoon days. I don’t doubt that people saying it […]

Own Enemy

Stop letting your down My heart is hurting, Feels like a shooting. A bullet from the outside, Comes and strikes the inside.   My heart stops beating, And my head […]

Almost weekend

One more day   Today we have a lot of content to upload. We have really been putting our souls and heart into it, to make it worth your time […]

Point zero

Point zero We live in a world where redundancy and lavishness are the normal parameter in a consumers everyday living. More wants more, and the only place where less is […]

Putting on the yes hat

YES! Can I? Sometimes it can be so difficult to belive in yourself. I personally have this struggle to say that I can do things. When we went into 2017, […]

If you are not needed..

It sounds so simple, easy, self explanitory. But somehow this is a really hard thing to execute in real life. Who wants to be THAT person who nobody relies on, […]

To sleep or not to sleep?

The weekend came and went again, and now we are saying Hello to another monday morning. We all know monday mornings can be a bitch, and who wouldn’t just rather […]

My daily routine

Have it been a tough weekend you had and just want to have this routine today? Or are you waiting on the new season of Game of Thrones? We have […]

April fools

Every year on the 1. of April, people celebrate april fools day aka all fools day. They celebrate the day by playing practical jokes with friends and families, but also […]

Who run the world?

  Beyoncé made this song to give a message, a message which would give women strength. Something we can do is to set up some goals and this is always a good […]


The week has finally come and gone, and in a few short hours we can say that the weekend has arrived. And who doesn’t love the weekends? Weather you believe in […]

Your dreams

So this sounds easy right. It isn’t a big brainer, but what to you do when you don’t know what your dreams are? What if you just haven’t figured out […]