I want to let you in


So they say being in love is the greatest feeling on earth, being in the seventh heaven and having these honeymoon days. I don’t doubt that people saying it are right but I don’t share their optimism.

Romantic comedy’s are fun to watch and it is nice predicting that it always will have some kind of a happy ending. Who haven’t seen pretty women and felt this feeling of everything being possible if that can happen to a hooker?

Well, I haven’t got any plans for the near future of beginning a new career as a prostitute to find a nice guy. I have a great guy here at home, but that was a struggle for him to stay with me. Not because he couldn’t make the right priorities, but because I have I tough time letting people in.

I don’t want to be hurt, I want to have people promising me upfront that they will not break my heart, because I can’t take the aching and pain that follows with a heart in several pieces. But than I hit the next obstacle; how can anyone promise me in advance that their at some point in our relationship won’t bring me some kind of sorrow?

We are not suppose to be living in the fear of something that could or might will happen, in a hypothetical future. We should just feel absolutely joy when we bump into someone that we can feel relaxed with.

The quote is taking from a song, one of the few love songs who is talking about how great love is and can be if you are with a person who you trust.

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