Everything, I do it for you

My life would have less meaning without you

Everyone have someone they love more than life themself. In my case, it is my daugther. I would give up absolutely everything I have ever owned or had, if I knew that would secure her future. I would give up seeing, if it gave her a minute more to life in. Because every second she is smiling, it feels like the world could be a really awesome place to be, and that it is all worth fighting for.

Loving someone with every breath of your body isn’t wrong, it is a gift to get to know the weight of the world on your shoulders just so that little blue eyed girl can keep smiling her perfect, care free smile just another day.

Remember to make sure that you use every single day telling the people closes to you, what they mean to you, and never let a moment of true happiness pass you by.

Camilla, loving every single second of parenthood.

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