If you have dreamt about it


Being a mom to a toddler, I don’t always get enough sleep. Especially because I have her alone for most of my time since my boyfriend is working night shift. So we have a lot of girl time together and I love every second. Right now she is in a phase where we have to shift diapers on every teddy bear, every 5 minute, before we are laying them straight on the couch to sleep. just to “wake” them up again to get their diapers changed.
As any parents would say, she is mostly an angel that think we are palying a game when putting her down for the night. We hug and kiss, every single doll and stuffed animal before she kisses me and jumps into bed. Voila. One sleeping baby.
But then there are the dark periods. The periods where I am surprising my self sometimes for even geting out of bed in the mornings. The periods where my daugthers night terrors are crusifying me and school is collapsing at the same time. I haven’t figured out why these two things have to happen on the same time, but they always do and that equals to little sleep for me.


Well, sometimes you don’t even have to be a mom, being a student can be enough reason to not counting enough sheeps. So thats why we say “if you dreamt, you have slept”.


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