Point zero

Point zero

We live in a world where redundancy and lavishness are the normal parameter in a consumers everyday living. More wants more, and the only place where less is better, is on the catwalk and on our personal scales. But how do we live with the fact that there are some who have nothing, and the few things they have is stolen by our need to possess even more?

The fashion industry is a growing billion dollar industry, but where one thing blossoms, other things are suffering under the strong demand. The fashion industry is renovating good food soil and turning it into cotton fields so that they can comply with the growing demands.

But how do we not think about those who have nothing? Don’t they deserve a small meal every day, when we already have more than one warm sweater in our closet? Are we really so selfish as people, as human beings, that we don’t want to help or even think about those who are less fortunate than us self? Is our demand for the latest fashion trends worth more than a kids cry for polenta?

Well, if we cared, shouldn’t we just start up a facebook group and get enough likes to force the industry to surrender the earth back to the needy so that they can get the minimum of the Marshall pyramide;

Love. Safety. Comfort. Food.
It sounds so simple, the solution is within our reach, but still it isn’t anywhere near. Because what happens if we give the soil back?

They don’t have machines to harvest it, don’t have the machines to process, and don’t have the means to storage the food appropriately. Then they would have to sell out of their land; back to the fashion industry that is constantly growing and in need of fields to turn into cotton production.

How do we not get back to point zero? The point where the world was enough for every citizen living on and from it.

We are in need of a solution, and a good one too.

I myself has gratuated from a design end lifestyle school, so this isn’t to slam people in the head with how terrible fashion are. I love clothe, and sad to say I own more of it than one person should. Especially because the most of it never get out of the closet. But learning about how the supply and demand has turn around how we feel it is okay to treat others, our quest of hitting the newest trend and getting a great picture to post I personally think has become to big.
There are stars who have tried to figure out what to do about this. Emma Watson is speaking about recycle fashion. Only buy an item of new clothes, if you in the store already know that you are going to use it for more than 5 times. I think the thought behind this logic is great and I truly hope that I can implement it in my own buying habbits.

Are great solution doesn’t have to be revolutionizing or game changing the whole industry, a solution could just be one idealistical idea as this one, implemented in more. In fashion you often talk about coporal social responsibilities, but we as consumers should try to leave out the industry living from this comsumption and just talk about social responsibilities.



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