Put down your weapons

In the last couple of days, there have been a lot going on around the world. Here we are especially thinking of the attack in Stockholm. Our hearts go out to all of them who lost loved once in Sweden on Friday the 7th of April. We can’t  imagine what it feels like being hurt directly in the heart.

The world has become a really violent place, where a lot of innocent people gets stuck in the crossfire. THIS HAS TO END! We do not say we have the answer for it, but sometimes, whether it is personal arguments or other matters, the best idea perhaps could be to let our words of kindness be the weapon that we chose to fight with. Us on the blog know that we will try being better at compassion.

And we wrote it before, and we are going to say it again:

Remember that a smile, a nice word or a kind action could help somebody else’s day.

Have a great day today, and for inspiration we have linked a Selena Gomez’ song (From which we also stole today’s quote text).


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