Stop being the person everyone thinks you are

Outside the box


Do you often have the feeling that people are trying to force you inside a box or a square, where they think that you fit? LIke If you are pretty, you can’t be smart or if you big you can’t be fit? These are all stereotypes and boxes that other people are stuffing us into to make a better sense of the world, for them self.

If you have ever tried being shuffle down into one of these boxes, you can relate to the devastating feeling it can be fighting to get released but getting pulled back by others, because it would ruin their view of the world if you stopped being the stereotype, that they wanted you to be.

At some point you start to believe that you are the person in the box without any way to escape.


You won’t believe the feelings I have inside,

They are killing me, and nobody hears me cry.

They don’t hear the voices inside my head,

The ones I always hear, when I’m laying in my bed.

They are saying things to me, things that I can’t ignore,

I always hear them, when I’m glad and when I’m bored.

I won’t believe it but the voices are just too strong,

I won’t believe it, because I know it’s wrong.

My mind it messed up, I know I am not a saint,

But I’m dying of all my self-cost pain


You decide your own worth and where to stand. So if you are sad over being pushed into a corner you don’t want to be in, walk away and chose where you want to be.

Nobody knows you better than you.

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