Putting on the yes hat

Today i’m not going to say I can’t, because I know I can!


Can I? Sometimes it can be so difficult to belive in yourself. I personally have this struggle to say that I can do things. When we went into 2017, I promised myself, that I would be better to just jump  into the unknown, especially if I’m not sure how it will go. So far,  it hasn’t been going so well..

A good example is that I wanted to go aboard for my next semester, in addition to the education I’m currently taking. I have had this dream about it for such a loooong time, actually almost 2-3 years. But even though, I have had a hard time deciding wether to go or stay. I think it is because I’m so unsure on how to do it, and it seems like more things go wrong when my mind is going crazy.

The things I am wondering about is: How can I survive? What about our apartment we are living in now? Can I get a scholarship? Where should I live?? Can I get visum, and 3 months is a long time! I have had all thoughts about it.

My friends, family and boyfriend have all been so nice to support me and convincing me that I will be getting so much out of the experience and that I will regret if I choose not to go. And I know I have all opportunities to do it, I don’t have children or any other responsibilities holding me back. Now is the time!

So I have decided that I am going and I am really looking forward to three months in Hong Kong. I still have a lot to figure out how-to and applying for different things in different places. But I have said to myself that I am going, so I will! And I am super excited!!

Today I have to believe in it, before it can happen.

If you have been abroad to Hong Kong and have some advice for me, you are more than welcome to comment here. I would love to have some inspiration and hear from others who have already taken the plunge.

Also if you are in the same situation as me, but have a nice advice or tool on how to become better in saying “I can” instead of “I can’t” please leave a comment below.

Christina, I can do it if I just believe in it. 

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