Today I said no


Learn to say no 

I am trying to learn how to listen to myself which can be a challenge. I still struggle with this, but I am so much better than I used to be and sometimes also too good at doing it.


How I used to make discisions

I definitely said “yes” to too many things in the past because I wanted to do it all. LIKE EVERYTHING at once. My days where so overbooked, I can remember it was like: “okay then, so I have half an hour drive to get to the party and say my greetings and afterwards i’ll hurry home again, take a bath, go to sleep, get up and go to work the next day, That will definitely be doable with the time I got”. And every now and then there was enough time but sometimes there simply wasn’t. The important lessons where that I just showed up or did it because I get asked and couldn’t say no. I was thinking more of what THEY wanted rather than what I wanted.


What I do to be better at it  

I have found out more of what my limits are and what I want to expose myself to. I am asking myself the questions: Is it okay for me to say no or will I miss out on a great experience? If people are trying to convince me to do it, I’ll think again and ask myself how I want to prioritize my time. Do I just want to go home instead of going to a party? How did it feel last time, would it be okay for me again? Most importantly, I figured out that I can say no if I want and that’s okay too.


Do you know some good tools I can use? Feel free to comment below.


xxxooo Christina






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