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Is it possible to celebrate if you are not going to have a drink with alcohol in it?

I have chosen not to drink and I often get asked the question “Why don’t you want to drink?”. I often feel like a have to come up with an excuse for people on why I have made my personal choice on not to drink alcohol. There is just something in my mind that is very surprising about that it is more normal, and more accepted, if you are drinking rather than if you are not.


I am NOT pregnant,  designated driver or running a marathon! 

In my opinion, I think it is so strange that I have to feel that people think I am boring or even get the feeling that people think I am killing their party because I don’t drink. Why wouldn’t I have a good time just because I am not drinking? If you say you don’t drink, people automatically think that it is because that you are pregnant, you have to make some elite sport to attend, you are on a diet or have religious believes, why is it so? -when not wanting to have a drink feels like the world’s worst excuse?


An example of this

Last time I was at a party I once again said “No, thanks” to have a drink and instead asked for a soda. The people I was together with was very nice about it and they fully accepted it and didn’t make a bigger fuss about it. That was so nice but I still had to explain why I didn’t want to drink. Shouldn’t it just be okay in every situation to say “No, thanks” without having to defend the reasons behind it? People said it was so cool that I still participated in the party. And a few days after this night I got applauded for attending the party. I have this opinion; why should it be an obstacle going to a party with all people from my class, why should I feel that I did something special?


If you are curious to find out why I’m not drinking, it will be explained now

First, the main reason is that I have some bad experience in my baggage with people that are drinking too much and where their drinking has become a huge problem. The other thing that just supports my decision is that it is right for me not to be drinking. It is very simple: I really can’t handle it! I got some bad experiences where I ended up places, not knowing where I had been and where I couldn’t remember what I did the evening before. Total blackout. I truly do feel that my body, which isn’t the biggest, have already had to handle too much alcohol and also I think it is scary knowing what alcohol can do to your body and mind.

How weird is it that we think it is fun when we aren’t in any condition to stand on our own legs? We lose balance, and our brain can’t figure it out which way is up and down. Everything can get blurred, you might say something you wouldn’t had said normally if you where sober. I don’t like to feel bad or be so much out of control over the body I possess.


The decisions is your own

Most importantly is it that we make our own decisions of what we want to do or not. I feel like not drinking is the right choice for me, and if you feel it could be right for you too, do it. If not, and you like to drink, then do that.

Still, I feel it’s very strange that people are weird about me going to a party without a good excuse not to drink and being able to still have a good time and enjoy myself. Why shouldn’t I have fun just because I’m not drinking? I really don’t understand it.


Can you go to celebrate something without drinking alcohol, does it mean that you are boring or even pregnant or can you still have fun? Let me know what you think, comment below.


xxxooo Christina


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