Who run the world?

Who runs the world?


Beyoncé made this song to give a message, a message which would give women strength. Something we can do is to set up some goals and this is always a good idea, so your dream can come truth.  It is important that you believe in what you can accomplish and have success in your life. Remember that YOU can do what you want.

Rooting for girl power has nothing to do with being dedicated not to shave your legs or refuse to where a bra because it demeans you. It is about making all females realize the power the possess to do what they want. We do not live in a mans world. We live in a hopeful world, where there should be room for everyone. So If you ever have the thought, that there are something you are not able to do, because you are a girl, know that it aint true.

How would you describe a strong woman? Leave a comment and let us define what a strong women anno 2017 is!


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