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I am a mom, but that doesn’t mean posts about cleaning. I am the only shopaholic out of the three of us, and I have a fetish for shoes, I never wear them but I got to own them. 

I haven’t figured out yet what you can expect from me, so stay tuned and follow.

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Do you like to be inspired to have a positive mind, get struggles turned into benefits? I like to get up with taboos and reflect over things. You can expect to read quotes with a positive mindset from me. I will also write about fashion, sustainability, romantic, healthy, technic, sport and nature.  I hope you want to read my thoughts I have in my blog post. Let me know what you think about my blogpost, was it useful? Xxxooo Christina 🍒

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Did you say coffee? Don’t leave me behind!☕  I always enjoy a nice conversation about almost all topics with a cup of coffee or tea. I am fascinated by different cultural habits and history. I can’t live without getting to know people from different countries and learning about their traditions, and that’s why I am always on the road! For example, now I am blogging from the UK. On the other hand, I love secrets and mysteries so I always buy crime and mystery stories to read! Well that was all me sooo stay tuned and you will hear from me in posts and quotes of travelling and interesting mysteries. Eszter

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